Resolving Conflicts: Development and Environment

Resolving conflicts between development and environmental policies is a complex undertaking that is increasingly important to communities and their governments. Residents are demanding greater livability in their cities, and quality of life is seen as a major source of competitive advantage in attracting business investment. Additionally, the recent exceptional growth of cities and urban regions is increasing the attention given to ways effectively balance social, economic and environmental ends in the planning and design of living and working areas. The emergence of these concerns increases the requirement for effective urban environmental planning, a field which is still being defined. Useful responses to these issues will also involve new analytical methods, new organizational strategies, and new ways to engage and involve affected parties effectively in developing democratically accepted programs.

The IUPEA fosters dialogue on these concerns, which in turn can inform and encourage development of solutions. The IUPEA, begun in 1993, is a nonprofit organization, operated on a voluntary basis, and is self supporting.