The IUPEA functions with an international board of directors, and an advisory committee. The board sets policy and makes decisions concerning the programs of the Association, including the location and topic for the international symposiums. The board currently consists of:

Donald Miller, Chair, University of Washington, Seattle, USA

Hilda Blanco, University of Southern California, USA

Sarah Coffin, Saint Louis University, USA

Robin Ganser, University of Applied Sciences Lubeck, Germany

Nicole Gurran, The University of Sidney, Australia

Jorge J. Karol, University of La Plata, Agentina

Nancey Green Leigh, Georgia Tech University, USA

Adrienne Keane, Macquarie University, Australia

Peter B. Meyer, The E.P. Systems Group, USA

Peter Phibbs, University of Western Sydney, Australia

Rocky Piro, Denver Department of Community Planning and Development., USA

José Manuel Simões, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Katie Williams, University of the West of England, United Kingdom

Jiang WU, Tongji University, Shanghai, China

Perry Pei-Ju Yang, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Chris Zuidema, University of Groningen, Netherlands