The IUPEA seeks to disseminate information concerning research and practice that addresses improving environmental quality through an active publications program. The major feature of this program is the Ashgate Publishing Limited series of books: Urban Planning and Environment. This series is edited by Donald Miller, Nicole Gurran, and Gert de Roo, and to date consists of 23 books published. Several of these books are edited volumes based on a selection of papers first presented at one of the international symposiums, that have been peer reviewed and revised for publication.

In addition to the series published by Ashgate, several books have been designed around symposium papers and produced by other publishers, and a number of journal articles have been based on symposium presentations. The fact that most of these presentations are empirically-based studies cause them to be of interest to people in governments at several levels, and demonstrate that while institutional and cultural contexts vary, lessons from one community can provide useful ideas to other communities.